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Get To Know ME!

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Hey there!

I'm Lipe, originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, and now happily settled in the charming town of Easton, Pennsylvania, where the winter holds a special place in my heart and continually inspires me.

My educational journey began at Hudson Catholic High School, where I not only gained knowledge but also formed lifelong friendships. This propelled me towards pursuing a bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration, broadening my horizons in the healthcare field.

As a dedicated husband and proud father of three boys, family is my greatest joy. Our home is a lively mix of three boys and six playful dogs, each with their distinct personalities.

Professionally, I'm an entrepreneur and business owner, managing teams and fostering collaboration in the healthcare sector. Outside work, writing and gaming, especially Overwatch, fuel my creative spirit. Finding solace in nature through gardening and indulging my sweet tooth with baking are my ways of balancing the hustle.

In my leisure moments, music is my constant companion, and television dramas provide captivating narratives. My life is a mosaic of experiences and passions, creating a unique and colorful tapestry. Each day brings new opportunities to learn, create, and cherish the journey I'm on. And of course, my love for winter adds an extra touch of magic to the adventure!

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